Mesonet Station in Support of NWS/NOAA for
La Mesa, CA, USA

Elevation 489', Latitude 32° 46' 18" N, Longitude 117° 02' 00" W (32.7717, -117.0333)


Vantage Pro2 6162 and 6382

Operational Since April 14, 2007


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Current Conditions
Updated (every 10 minutes)
Temperature/Humidity 1 81.7°F/58%
Temperature/Humidity 2 82.0°F/56%
Dew Point 65.5°F
Wind NW at 5.0 mph
Barometer 29.871 in & Falling Slowly
Rain 0.00 in
Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr
Monthly Rain 0.00 in
Yearly Rain to Date
July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015
0.05 in
Daily Extremes and Times (09/23/14)
High Temperature 1
High Temperature 2
Low Temperature 1
Low Temperature 2
81.7°F at  1:18p
82.0°F at  1:21p
61.3°F at  7:17a
61.0°F at  7:23a
High Humidity 1
High Humidity 2
Low Humidity 1
Low Humidity 2
97% at  7:03a
93% at  7:41a
58% at  1:18p
56% at  1:18p
High Dew Point
Low Dew Point
68.0°F at 11:17a
60.0°F at  7:10a
High Wind Speed 14.0 mph at 11:34a
High Barometer
Low Barometer
29.917 in at 10:14a
29.869 in at  1:20p
High Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr at ----
Low Wind Chill 61.0°F at  7:11a
High Heat Index 83.0°F at  1:10p
High Solar Radiation 863 W/m2 at 12:50p
High Ultraviolet 10.1 index at 12:32p
Evapotranspiration 0.081 in
Apparent Sunrise
Apparent Sunset
Moon Phase New Moon